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Welcome to Logos: 20 years of expertise in PR, strategic communications, media, creative industries, and event management.

Who are we

Logos Agency stands as a prominent PR and communications firm, renowned for its expertise in public and cultural diplomacy. Our agency adopts an all-encompassing approach to communication, skillfully harnessing the persuasive appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos. The three dots logo of LOGOS Agency represents our unwavering commitment to our values and communication approach. Each dot symbolizes one of the three persuasive appeals: ethos, pathos, and logos. Together, they embody our holistic approach, integrating credibility, emotional resonance, and logical reasoning to create comprehensive strategies.

What do we offer

Fostering the development of empowered communities and driving positive change for humanity. With our rich legacy of 20 years in public relations, strategic communications, media, creative industries, and international event planning, we are committed to reshaping the way we communicate, connect, and inspire. Our logo serves as a constant reminder of our dedication to employing these appeals, resulting in impactful and transformative communication outcomes for our clients. .

How we operate?

We aim to revolutionize the way messages are crafted, delivered, and received. Through innovative strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and forward-thinking approaches, we seek to break through the noise and deliver impactful messages that resonate with audiences, evoke emotions, and inspire action. We believe that effective communication has the power to shape perceptions, bridge divides, and foster understanding on a global scale.

Our Mission

We are committed to surpassing expectations and settling for nothing less than perfection. Our mission is to consistently deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes to our partners and clients, leveraging our deep industry knowledge and strategic approach.

Our Motto

"Transforming Communications"

At Logos Agency, we are driven by a mission to transform communications. We reshape the industry by pushing boundaries and embracing inventive planning. we deliver exceptional results for our clients through our expertise in ethos, pathos, and logos that allows us to go beyond mere information dissemination. As leaders in the field, we shape the communication landscape, setting new standards and empowering our clients to connect with their audiences in extraordinary ways. We reject complacency and strive for constant innovation and excellence.

Meet the founder

Soran Naqishbandy


Meet Soran Naqishbandy, the visionary leader behind Logos: Pioneering Public and Cultural Diplomacy through Logos Agency Soran Naqishbandy, the CEO and Founder of Logos Agency for Public and Cultural Diplomacy, is a creative force who has left an indelible mark on the world of arts and communications. With a diverse background spanning creative writing, photography, and strategic public relations, Naqishbandy has emerged as a visionary leader in the field. His journey began with a profound love for creative expression, delving into poetry, literature, criticism, and translation. Naqishbandy's remarkable talent led to the publication of seven books, showcasing his command over multiple languages including Kurdish (Badini, Sorani, and Hawrami dialects), Arabic, English, and Persian.   As a creative content creator, he honed his skills as an art director for several influential newspapers, earning recognition as the recipient of the prestigious KRG Best Creative Designer Prize. His keen eye for aesthetics and innovative thinking set him apart in the industry. Naqishbandy's artistic prowess extended to the realm of photography, where he captured captivating images that resonated with audiences worldwide. His dedication to his craft garnered acclaim, culminating in the honor of receiving the CAPA Canadian International Prize for his iconic photograph titled "My Way" in 2008.   Eager to make a broader impact, Soran Naqishbandy ventured into the realm of communications and public relations in 2009. His strategic acumen and ability to forge meaningful connections quickly established him as a prominent figure in the field. Notably, he served as the Manager of the Galawej International Festival (GIF), the most significant cultural event in the region, as well as the Manager of Communications and Public Relations at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. Furthermore, he led the renowned Sulaimani Forum, a prominent economic and political platform hosted by the same university.   Naqishbandy's influence extended beyond regional boundaries, collaborating with esteemed international institutions such as GIZ and Goethe Institute as the project manager for the Global Creative Industry Project. His exceptional network and deep understanding of cultural diplomacy have positioned him as the most sought-after PR manager in the region.   Within the local community, Naqishbandy actively participates in the Creative City Committee in Sulaimani, playing a pivotal role in introducing Sulaimani as a UNESCO Creative City. His commitment to promoting cultural exchange is further exemplified through his involvement in the Art Union of Iraq and Kurdistan, Iraqi Union of Authors, and the Kurdistan Journalist Syndicate.   Additionally, Naqishbandy's expertise extends to the distribution of art in various genres. As the PR and Distribution Manager for numerous Kurdish movies, he has played a vital role in elevating their impact on both national and international levels.   Fueling his ambition is the dream of cultivating strong relationships between the Kurdistan creative and cultural community and the global stage. To further his understanding of public and cultural diplomacy, Soran is currently a fellow at Rome University in Italy, where he studies to unlock new frontiers in the field.   Beyond his professional pursuits, he remains an active member of esteemed organizations such as the International Federation of Journalists in Brussels and the CAPA Canadian Association for Photography and Art. Through his tireless dedication and unwavering commitment to his craft, Naqishbandy continues to shape the landscape of public and cultural diplomacy, uniting communities and fostering a more enlightened world.


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